Word Campaings

The Divine fervently wants to enjoy Blissfulness through each soul in this world, since each soul is part of The Divine. 

Hence, The Divine is calling for each of the Worldly Soul Beings to heal and remove any life issues that may be holding them back from the complete expression of the soul’s innate divineness. 

The goal is to help make people stress free, healthy, prosperous, joyful, blissful and able to perform their soul purpose with dignity and self-respect.  The way that The Divine has asked for the GDI to be carried out is through a series of world campaigns, each with its own focused purpose yet complementary to and interrelated with the others.

Stress Free World™

The purpose of the Stress Free World campaign is to help people defeat stress and eradicate it from their lives.  When being stress free, people can do so much more, as they can elevate and free their mind from the Dramas of Impurities℠. 

Healthy Fit World™

The mission of the Healthy Fit World campaign is to consciously create the awareness & the mechanism to be fit and healthy so that people can aspire towards self-respect, fulfill their life purpose and make God proud.

Prosperous Joyful World™

The idea of the Prosperous Joyful World campaign is to make people around the world aware and focus on being prosperous and joyful in their lives. This is a powerful way for them to march towards being Blissful.

Kind Loving World™

The goal of the Kind Loving World campaign is to create awareness of the need for kindness and love in the world and foster an environment that can nurture and grow these qualities in humanity.

Awake Blissful World™

The mission of the Awake Blissful World campaign is to help people create and become aware of their conscious Higher Self, connect to The Divine and elevate their Higher Self to experience Blissfulness.

At the heart of these world campaigns, The Divine wants to give back to the people of the world an opportunity that they have been praying for.  Starting in early 2020, The Divine wants these campaigns to assist at least ten million people over the next decade.  The first initiative of the campaigns intends to help people remove stress from their lives. The second phase of the campaigns promote divine living in the modern age by focusing on the key life areas of health and fitness, prosperity and joyfulness, and loving relationships.

The final focus of the campaigns is to help people transcend their worldly lives altogether by reaching a state of divine Blissfulness.