Why Have fun With Us?

We focus on your well being

We believe that each and every Soul deserves to be Happy and should spend a quality time to achieve Happiness.
In fact, our founder Shri Rudraji launched this organization on the basis of promoting Happiness and Fun there by granting a chance to enrich inner Divinity and positively influence Soul Divine Chance™. We value your Life and time you spent enjoying it.

OurWorld Events

Empowering Souls world wide with happiness & fun!

World Yoga Mela™
World Spiritual Mela™
World Colors Festival™
World Karma Day™
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Your Soul, Your Happiness, Your Life
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OurWorld Campaigns

Empowering Souls world wide with specific Missions!

Stress Free World™ 
Healthy Fit World™ 
Prosperous Joyful World™ 
Kind Loving World™ 
Awake Blissful World™ 

Unquestionable Facts about Humanity in our World

1 Million+
100 Million+
500 Million+
200 Million+
Mental illness

Our Founder: Shri Rudraji

“His mission is to spread unconditional love giving emphasis to the universal family hood and dedication towards universal spiritual awakening to enhance collective consciousness thereby being able to experience the full potential of divine love and to attain Bliss”.

His personal business is to attempt bringing joy to others.

TopWorld Destinations

We will be offering World Wide Travel & Tour Packages starting from May 2020.

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20% Offer on Vacation Packages

Coming Soon. Launching May 2020.

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OurSister Organizations

We have many sister organizations that promote wellbeing and are focused on Uplifting and Empowering Souls Worldwide.

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Yoga Center

Bliss Within Reach

Tri Kriya Center

Spiritual Education

Healing Center

Blessed Beads

Motivation & Coaching

The Prosperity Maker

Shri Chakra Puja